Steve Francis – Managing Director and co-owner of the brewery, is very clear about why Seamcor were chosen to provide the solution to the data gathering requirements at Elland Brewery.

“We need to gather and record vital information from across the whole scope of our business if we are going to continue to grow our business in a controlled and quality centred manner. We also needed to be able to do this without adding significantly to our staff overhead. The ability of the Seamcor system to be integrated into our processes, replacing paper records, made it the stand out choice for our requirements. Having put this system in at my previous (food) business, I have no doubt that the system will do the job we want it to do for us”.

Elland Brewery is a small independent brewery, based in West Yorkshire and founded in 2002. The brewery has recently had a change in ownership that saw the introduction of new skills and experience, both from the brewing and food manufacturing sectors.  With a well established reputation for the brewing of high quality beers including 1872 Porter, winner of the Supreme Champion Beer of Britain in 2013, their range of beers are sold and enjoyed across the North and beyond. So it is not hard to understand why the team at Elland value their reputation for quality and consistency very highly.

It was the determination to continue to drive the quality agenda that led Elland to the decision to invest in Principle Suite, a paperless process and compliance system supplied by Seamcor. Principle Suite enables real time access to quality, process and delivery information. The system also ensures that all data is compiled for future review and provides a means of demonstrating an appropriate diligent approach has been applied to the key quality and safety areas of the business.

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