After the successful deployment of the paperless Healtbox Plus order picking system by Applied Principles in July 2018, Holland & Barrett has identified another requirement in their manual store returns process, where thousands of overflow products were being returned to their warehouse and processed using mostly paperwork.

Applied Principles have been awarded a second development project in December 2018 to digitise the store return process for Holland and Barrett. The new functionality was incorporated into the existing Applied Principles software package and subsequently going live July 2019, the productivity of the Store Returns Department improved significantly post-deployment.

To date there has been an average of 790 products scanned per hour of use across 4-7 handheld devices, equating to 145,000+ individual product scans. In only two months since becoming operational, the store returns department have used Principle Suite to complete over 1100 store returns.

Gavin Chappell, Group Supply Chain & Logistics Director for Holland & Barrett was very pleased with how the process went: “Throughout the entire project Applied Principles have been extremely flexible and professional. In addition to the intuitive software supplied for this project we have also received excellent training and consultation around our business processes, which has maximised productivity within the department.”

In the image above, Krisztian Gal, Returns Team Leader, Holland & Barrett (left) stands with Aaron Thomas, Project Manager for Applied Principles.